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When our first ancestors sharpened the edge of a rock to tear a dead animal, perhaps without knowing it, they had invented one of the most useful tools that will last to this day.

Particularly in Salta Argentina, the knife (which we will refer to as a dagger from Salta due to its characteristics) was a fundamental part of its history since it was the weapon par excellence in the gaucho war led by General Güemes, along with ties, boleadoras and few weapons of fire.

Since then, the manufacture of daggers was the exclusive labor of some specialized craftsmen, a trade that Federico Teruel embraced more than 20 years ago.

He was born in Cafayate in 1965 where he spent his childhood and early youth, then settled in the city of Salta where he developed his vocation.

Some of his pieces were sent to Spain, Norway, Mexico and are regularly sent to different parts of the country where they dress panoply of important collectors.

His art served as inspiration for verses from the poem "Puñal Salteño" by Luis Salgado.

He was interviewed twice by Weekend magazine and some local media, but what makes him most proud - he says smiling - is "decorate the garments of the gaucho of his province".


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